The investment interest expense deduction: Less beneficial than you might think

Investment interest — interest on debt used to buy assets held for investment, such as margin debt used to buy securities — generally is deductible for both regular tax and alternative minimum tax purposes. But special rules apply that can make this itemized deduction less beneficial than you might think. Limits on the deduction First,[ … ]

Phoenix Projected To Be Top Housing Market In 2017

The Valley’s relationship with real estate has been up and down, featuring some of the best and worst runs of any market in the country. Over the past couple of years, normalcy has set in with prices gradually going up and foreclosures going down. And now, the website is projecting that Phoenix will be[ … ]

For Financial Services Jobs, ‘Numbers Work In Favor Of Phoenix’

New economic realities, post-recession regulations and technological changes are creating profit pressures on financial services firms. And, that’s leading to more jobs in Phoenix. Darin Mellot co-authored an industry study for commercial real-estate firm CBRE. It shows banks, insurance companies and other financial firms are moving more into non-traditional markets that offer good value. “You[ … ]

Participant Loan Defaults and Deemed Distributions

Many defined contribution plans include provisions for a participant to take a loan from their account balance. The loan is generally limited to $50,000 or 50% of the participant’s vested account balance, whichever is less and may also be subject to a minimum. Loans are typically repaid through payroll deduction over a period of 5[ … ]