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a group of diverse co-workers converse in an office

IDEA Committee

Your impact deserves solid support.

Our culture is built on trust and collaboration. That applies to everyone we encounter, including clients, employees, vendors, partners, and the community at large. To live up to our commitments, we intentionally and carefully foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where each person is welcomed, accepted, empowered, valued, and respected. This approach creates opportunities for all of us to succeed professionally and personally and also allows us to better empathize and understand our clients and communities.

  • Diversity: To be truly diverse, we embrace all the ways in which people differ. This includes race, ethnicity, and gender, but also age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance.
  • Equity: To be truly equitable requires recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and adjust imbalances. With this in mind, we strive to create and practice policies, procedures, systems, attitudes, and actions that produce equitable power, access, opportunities, and treatments for all.
  • Inclusion: To be truly inclusive, we must provide equal access to opportunities and resources for everyone, including those who may have been excluded or marginalized in the past. We embrace people from all backgrounds, identities, abilities, perspectives, and beliefs and want everyone to feel safe and have the ability to contribute, achieve, and belong.

With this as our goal, we created our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action (IDEA) Committee with more than 20 employees that span all departments and locations. IDEA is encouraged to bring ideas to our leadership and works to:

  • Promote greater diversity in the firm by recommending strategic initiatives to recruit, support, and advance professionals and staff from diverse backgrounds
  • Educate ourselves on institutional inequities and marginalized groups and work to dismantle those disparities within our industry
  • Sponsor activities for employees around the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Foster a firm culture that welcomes, elevates, respects, and includes all individuals

Voices of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our IDEA committee is critical to not only creating a diverse workplace, but nurturing an environment where people are heard, feel respected, have a sense of belonging, and can be contributors to the success of our firm. We believe that embracing the full potential of people within our firm and community is the right thing to do.

Eric Majchrzak


Inclusion is the meaningful acceptance of a diverse group of people in your community.

Ashley T. Byma

Director, Financial Forensics & Valuation Services

If we acknowledge and embrace the different perspectives and backgrounds of our team members, we can develop pathways to ensure they all have an opportunity to excel in their jobs.

Marc D. Fleischman

Chairman, Senior Advisor

I believe in compassion, justice, openness, respect, feeling valued, and making others feel valued.

Karen Mattull

COO, Internal Operations/Principal

Inclusion is a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging and support.

Everyone—again, everyone—should be free to achieve their own greatness on their own merits and not be suppressed by the thoughts, opinions, or actions of others.

We all have a story, and I welcome the opportunity to be a part of the solution by bringing my voice to the IDEA committee.

Diversity is being able to look at a group of people and seeing different ethnicities, religions, cultures, languages being spoken, etc. and acknowledging and celebrating that those differences exist.

Gina Khawam

Manager of Internal Tax Operations

The IDEA committee pursues intentional change in diversity, equity, and inclusion at BeachFleischman. Better communities are not built by happenstance. Instead of waiting for gradual improvement, we come together to cultivate progress in our firm, in our community, and in the accounting industry at large.

Cheryl Hutchins

Learning & Organizational Development Supervisor

The IDEA committee is important, because it keeps our firm accountable to change, to become more diverse, to make that a goal.


Caryn Metcalf

Graphic Designer

Commitment to inclusivity and belonging

BeachFleischman has been recognized as an Inclusive Workplace for 2023 by the Best Companies Group and COLOR Magazine.

July 2023-July 2024 Inclusive Workplace - Best Companies Group

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