$10 Minimum Wage Creating Questions As Arizona’s Small Businesses Adjust

by KJZZ Business News, Your NPR Station

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A week after the new $10 minimum wage has been in effect for Arizona employees, business owners are still asking questions on what exactly the law entails.

Officials say since Proposition 206 was approved by voters, calls have been pouring in every day from businesses with questions on all facets of the law.

Arizona’s Industrial Commission spokesman Bob Charles says a majority of the questions are what employees are exempt from the minimum wage — and he says almost no one is exempt.

“Certain ones like a barbershop, maybe where they just deal with people walking in and they buy their supplies down the street, they would be somebody who would possibly qualify for an exemption,” Charles said. “But it’s very difficult in this day and age to have an exemption where you don’t do business outside of Arizona.”

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KJZZ Business News, Your NPR Station
KJZZ Business News, Your NPR Station

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