Contractors Turn To ‘Prefab’ Construction Amid Skilled Labor Shortage

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There’s another hotel sprouting up in downtown Phoenix. As the urban core fills in, construction crews have less room to work. It’s just one of the reasons many contractors are turning to prefabricated construction.

A semi stacked with pre-made wall panels enters the site at First and Polk streets as Project Engineer Zeke Delgadillo looks on. “It’s all panelized exterior panelized interior all the way through finishes on the exterior and drywall on one side on the interior,” he said.

A giant crane lifts the panels up to what will become the 11th floor of a Hampton Inn. The prefabbed walls all have a designated place so workers can put them up quickly and efficiently.

“Currently we’re looking at, from start to finish and install, for a sequence of a floor we’re looking at 15 days,” Delgadillo said. “It definitely is a time saver.”

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KJZZ Business News, Your NPR Station
KJZZ Business News, Your NPR Station

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