Tempe Awards 9 Projects Money From ‘Innovation Fund’

by KJZZ Business News, Your NPR Station

Tempe City Council has chosen nine projects to receive money from a one-time $500,000 Innovation Fund.

The Tempe Grease Cooperative's Pilot Grease Trap Assistance Program, Sellah Park Pond Floating Island Project and One Touch Reporting App for Employees are among the funded programs.

The projects have diverse goals from helping people re-enter society after incarceration to learning more about the city's wastewater. The City Council considered 13 finalists out of dozens of proposals and evaluated their community impact, alignment with council priorities and budget.

Local First Arizona founder Kimber Lanning pitched the “Arizona Green Business Program” to help companies be more sustainable.

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KJZZ Business News, Your NPR Station
KJZZ Business News, Your NPR Station

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