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Accounting & Assurance

Advice built on trust.

All business owners take calculated risks. While taking some chances can pay off when it comes to product development, marketing strategy, or even management structure, gambling with your financial data can be devastating. But what if you don’t know what you don’t know?

Does your current financial reporting paint an accurate picture of the health of your business? Do you have safeguards in place to prevent employee fraud? Does your employee benefit plan properly protect employees’ retirement funds? Does your lender need reassurance that your financial records are compliant before providing additional funding to expand into new markets?

At BeachFleischman, our audit and assurance team can evaluate and report on where you are now, identify issues before they become problems, and recommend solutions that will make you more knowledgeable and less vulnerable. The analysis we provide goes beyond accurate financial statements to reviewing internal controls and business processes to assure your leadership team and other stakeholders that your company is on sound footing. We spend time understanding the “why” as well as the “what” so the services we recommend fit your needs.

Are you ready to partner with a team that ensures compliance, minimizes risk, and gives you the clarity you need to make smart, informed decisions? Let BeachFleischman help.

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BeachFleischman’s thorough and accurate assurance services can ensure compliance and increase confidence in your financial and operational decisions. Additionally, you can rely on our accounting, tax, and comprehensive advisory services to complete your company’s financial picture.

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