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BeachFleischman’s Accounting and Assurance team focuses on your financial statement and business needs. Combining technical expertise with business judgment, our team is able to apply the complicated technical requirements of the constantly changing accounting, auditing, review, and compilation standards to achieve your corporate and personal objectives. We assist you with your financial statement presentation in a manner that maximizes the transparency in financial reporting that users of the financial statements require in a complex business environment. We help you understand and negotiate with these users to meet both your goals and their requirements. We are “more than accountants.” Helping you understand the interrelationships of your financial reporting enables you to manage your business financially with financial statement users in mind. We look for ways that your staff can internalize our expertise to bring the highest value for our services. Our professionals will tailor our service approach to provide you with the following primary services:


We take a risk-based approach to express an opinion about whether your financial statements are fairly presented, in all material respects. This entails spending additional time in up-front planning to identify areas of the financial statements where there is higher risk and concentrates our audit efforts in those areas. Under a risk-based approach, we are able to leverage our knowledge of your business and the experience gained with each year’s audit to determine the amount of work needed in significant audit areas. By focusing efforts in higher-risk areas and limiting procedures in lower-risk areas, we are performing a more effective and efficient audit.


A review report states that we are not aware of any material modifications that should be made to your financial statements (negative assurance). Our professionals perform inquiries and analytical procedures, coupled with a strong understanding of your business and industry, to report on your financial statements and consult with you on key business decisions.


The objective of a compilation is to present in the form of financial statements, information that is the representation of management without undertaking to express any assurance. We work with management to present your financial information in a manner that conveys to the users of your financial statements the key aspects of your Company.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Agreed-upon procedures engagements typically involve a report of findings based on targeted sections of a financial statement, control system, contract compliance, business acquisition, or other circumstance where limited procedures are needed to meet a business objective. Agreed-upon procedures are defined at the beginning of an engagement and tailored to the needs of a specific user group.


In addition to the above services, there are a variety of other consulting services that our Accounting and Assurance professionals can be of service to you. Some examples of these services are internal control evaluations, business acquisition due diligence, forensic accounting, cash flow analysis, and flash report analysis.

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