Reviewed Financial Statements

BeachFleischman CPAs provides reviewed financial statement services to businesses throughout Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. We assist a company’s management in presenting your financial position and results of operations in the form of a financial statement. We work with you to present your financial information in a manner that conveys to its users the key aspects of your company.

What are reviews?

Our professionals will draw upon their strong understanding of your industry to design inquiries and analytical procedures to apply to your financial information. This will allow us to issue a report that provides limited assurance that we are not aware of any material modification that needs to be made to your financial statements in order for them to be in conformity with the applicable financial reporting framework.

Reviewed financial statements are often prepared when a third party, such as a bonding agent, investor, or bank, requires a company to provide their financial information in the form of a financial statement and wants more comfort than can be given with compiled statements. Reviewed financial statements are more costly than compiled statements but less costly than audited financial statements.

Auditors with a 360° service philosophy

While reviewed financial statements can be a major element of our work for you, it is by no means the full measure of our service. As an audit firm, we recognize that you expect and deserve far more than a report summarizing your financial status. We see as a key element in our contract with you our promise to be “more than auditors.” As part of our engagement, we take a “proactive” 360° view of your organization and identify any opportunities. We’ll communicate opportunities and offer insight. We realize that each organization is different in characteristics, personality, and operating structure. We approach each engagement with this understanding; this can mean the difference between average and exceptional service.

Some of the considerations we take into account when we serve your organization are:

  • Strategy
  • Growth opportunities
  • Industry insight
  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Accountability

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