Cost Segregation Studies Gone Wrong

For many, rapidly accelerating the depreciation on a commercial building by utilizing a cost segregation study is a no-brainer. Commercial properties are depreciated over 39 years by default, which is an awfully long time to recover the tax benefits of your cost. If you can frontload those deductions, it only makes economic sense. Right? Well,[ … ]

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Extended

With the passing of the Further Consolidated Appropriation ACT of 2021, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit was extended from December 31, 2020 through December31, 2025. These credits are based on hiring certain targeted individuals including veterans and those who receive food stamps. The tax benefits are significant – the typical yield is a $2,400 credit[ … ]

Politics and Lobbying: Be Involved But Not At Risk

“If that bill gets passed it is really going to set us back. But what can we do? Charities can’t get involved in politics, right?” You’re probably aware that there are potential dangers for your charity if it gets involved in political or lobbying activity.  But the charitable community’s stake in the political and legislative[ … ]