Arizona House Moves To Permanently Bypass State Sales Tax On Digital Goods

As Arizonans gravitate toward more shopping online, GOP state lawmakers want to simplify the way consumers are taxed at the local level. The House voted Wednesday to forego ever collecting the 5.6 percent sale tax on digital products including online books, videos, cloud-based software, storage and web hosting services. Members voted 39-to-19 with bi-partisan support[ … ]

Phoenix Experiences Record Employment Growth in 2017

The latest job numbers for the Phoenix metro area show record employment growth in 2017. Christine Mackay, Community and Economic Development director with the City of Phoenix, said the metro region added over 38,000 full-time, non-farm jobs in 2017. “Where we saw the greatest growth was in education and healthcare hiring,” Mackay said. “Another thing[ … ]

Arizona Business Leaders Look Forward To Another Pro-Business Legislature

Arizona business leaders are planning on more good news ahead in the 2018 legislature. Looking back at last year, business leaders said they’re pretty happy with what state lawmakers accomplished on their behalf. In fact, Todd Sanders with the Phoenix Chamber told PBS’ Arizona Horizon the business climate in Arizona is so good that business[ … ]

Economist: Higher Arizona Minimum Wage Hasn’t Affected State Economy — Yet

Minimum wage workers in Arizona got a raise Monday, of 50 cents an hour. The state’s minimum wage now stands at $10.50 an hour. It’s part of a voter-approved increase, which will ultimately reach $12 an hour by 2020. Last year was the first year of that increase, and Ethan Clay, an economic policy analyst[ … ]

Contractors Turn To ‘Prefab’ Construction Amid Skilled Labor Shortage

There’s another hotel sprouting up in downtown Phoenix. As the urban core fills in, construction crews have less room to work. It’s just one of the reasons many contractors are turning to prefabricated construction. A semi stacked with pre-made wall panels enters the site at First and Polk streets as Project Engineer Zeke Delgadillo looks[ … ]

Does It Make Sense For Cities To Offer Tax Incentives To Draw Large Businesses

With Amazon announcing it’s looking for an HQ2 in addition to its home in Seattle, the battle is on to attract the retail giant. And there’s no doubt in analysts’ minds that tax incentives and other breaks will be offered by cities and states. But does it make sense for communities to do that? Do[ … ]

Growing Arizona Businesses Rely On H-2B Visas As Labor Needs Increase

The Phoenix economy is recovering, and more buildings are going up. Local nurseries are growing to meet their landscaping needs too, but have trouble getting labor to keep up with the demand. The federal government’s response is to bring more temporary visa workers for companies that can’t find Americans willing to do the work. Beneath[ … ]

How Interconnected Is Arizona Economy With Mexico, Canada?

During the campaign, President Trump spent a lot of time railing against the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, the landmark trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. And now that day has come. Last week, the Trump administration revealed its goals in those upcoming renegotiations. And business leaders in Arizona are taking[ … ]