Does It Make Sense For Cities To Offer Tax Incentives To Draw Large Businesses

With Amazon announcing it’s looking for an HQ2 in addition to its home in Seattle, the battle is on to attract the retail giant. And there’s no doubt in analysts’ minds that tax incentives and other breaks will be offered by cities and states. But does it make sense for communities to do that? Do[ … ]

Growing Arizona Businesses Rely On H-2B Visas As Labor Needs Increase

The Phoenix economy is recovering, and more buildings are going up. Local nurseries are growing to meet their landscaping needs too, but have trouble getting labor to keep up with the demand. The federal government’s response is to bring more temporary visa workers for companies that can’t find Americans willing to do the work. Beneath[ … ]

How Interconnected Is Arizona Economy With Mexico, Canada?

During the campaign, President Trump spent a lot of time railing against the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, the landmark trade deal between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. And now that day has come. Last week, the Trump administration revealed its goals in those upcoming renegotiations. And business leaders in Arizona are taking[ … ]

Cashing In On Opportunity And Quality Jobs In Metro Phoenix

Despite gains in jobs and company payrolls since the Great Recession, many workers feel financially left out. Pew Research Center examined household incomes and expenditures between 2004 and 2014. It found the median income had declined 13 percent while spending on things like housing, food and clothing increased nearly 14 percent. But, some workers are[ … ]

New Public-Private Partnership Formed To Develop Historic Downtown Glendale

A new public-private partnership in Glendale aims to help the city get reacquainted with its downtown in the short-term, and give merchants a common voice in the long-term. City officials and the Glendale Chamber of Commerce have agreed to a contract worth a maximum of about $611,000. Now the chamber will hire a manager to[ … ]

What Does Angel Investor Tax Credit Program Mean For Arizona’s Tech Community?

Entrepreneurs create companies that can create jobs or even change the world. But to do any of that, first, they need capital — money to get them started. That often happens when so-called angel investors decide to take a chance on a budding company. And, now, in Arizona, those angel investors have a little more[ … ]

Free Workshops Help Arizona Veterans Start, Grow Businesses

Helping military veterans succeed as business owners is the goal behind a series of seminars taking place across Arizona. The full-day workshops help veterans examine their ideas, understand their markets and evaluate the competition. It also focuses on start-up costs, financing and planning. “When I talk to people I’ll them you will learn from all[ … ]

Report: Arizona, Phoenix Property Taxes Among Lowest

People who owned single-family homes in Arizona last year paid more than $3 billion in property taxes. The bulk of that cash — more than $2 billion — came from the Valley where the average bill was $1,900. ATTOM Data Solutions looked at property taxes by state and metro areas and found Arizona and Phoenix[ … ]

Phoenix Opens New Trade Office In Mexico

On Tuesday, March 28th, the city of Phoenix officially opened a trade office in Mexico designed to benefit Arizona manufacturers. The trade office is located more than 300 miles south of Phoenix in Hermosillo, Sonora. That’s where several Valley-based manufacturing firms ship parts and electronic component to automotive and aerospace centers. The area is dubbed[ … ]