Professional Development/Training

At BeachFleischman, we provide the highest quality client service and provide meaningful career growth for our employees. Our firm’s commitment to professional development continues throughout your employment with BeachFleischman. You will have the opportunity to attend continuous in-house training in technical and soft-skill arenas. Additionally, we send employees to national conferences and other external training venues for networking and skill advancement.

On average, each staff member completes 40 to 60 hours of continuing education annually, allowing our firm to provide high-quality technical service to our clients. We encourage the attainment of professional licenses by paying for test preparation and procedures, license fees, and a bonus for passing the CPA exam.

You will have the opportunity to work with your mentor who will assist you in deciding which industries and technical areas are best suited for your own individual career path. This will allow you to progress along career ladders within and across our firm. Through formal and informal learning, coupled with personal drive, you will gain the skills needed to lead the organization.

Please contact Karen Mattull, Principal/Chief Operating Officer of Internal Operations, at 520-321-4600 or email her if you would like to learn more about our firm’s career opportunities.