The Fate of Vacation Rentals in Tucson with the onset of Commercial Taxation

Through the years, vacation rentals in many locations including Tucson have been popular for people who desire a private vacation experience or prefer a convenient short-term rental. However, developments in the last year brought what some considered a rather disturbing possibility to the forefront. Property Taxes During 2015, the Pima County Assessor reclassified hundreds of[ … ]

New Retail and Restaurant Remodel/Refresh Safe Harbor

The tangible property regulations have added increased complexity for many taxpayers. Although the new regulations are favorable to taxpayers in many instances, it can often be a headache to determine the correct treatment. In an effort to mitigate disputes regarding the deductibility and capitalization of remodel and refresh costs between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)[ … ]

Freelance Blogging and Federal Tax Implications

It is hard to believe that the first blog post “went live” 20 years ago. Although the way we use blogs has changed dramatically during those 20 years, we still use them for the same general purpose: to freely share information with the world. Today’s most popular types include personal blogs; blogs for recipe creations[ … ]