Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Construction

Levels of Optimism: High Arizona currently has one of the healthiest construction industries in the U.S., according to the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Merit Shop Scorecard Report. The monthly Scorecard ranks Arizona third in the nation, with a lower unemployment rate than the national average, job growth rate of 10.8 percent and 3.7 percent[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Financial & Professional

Levels of Optimism: High Because the environment is still healthy for mergers and acquisitions, financial and professional service firms are focused on value and staying lean—whether they are acquisition targets or the acquirers. BOK Financial completed its acquisition of CoBiz Financial, Inc. in late 2018, essentially creating a major footprint to expand financial services market[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Healthcare

Levels of Optimism: Moderate In the years since we first conducted the Arizona CFO Spotlight Survey in late 2016, outlooks and optimism for the healthcare industry in Arizona have been mixed. About one-third of leaders anticipate less revenue in 2019 as they grapple with staffing shortages, regulatory costs and changing payer reimbursement models. Specialty health[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: High-Tech

Levels of Optimism: Moderate Technology companies experienced slower growth in 2018, which was expected due to some local merger activity and a focus on research and development (R&D) to get new products ready for the market. Leaders are cautiously optimistic with expectations of 10-20 percent growth in a crowded and competitive environment. Technology companies made[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Hospitality & Restaurant

Levels of Optimism: Moderate The forecast for this industry is mixed due to rising costs in several areas, but an optimistic consumer base is still spending discretionary money on dining and travel. Local hospitality leaders anticipate a 5-10 percent growth rate, which is a little more optimistic compared to U.S. expectations for revenue decreases in[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Manufacturing

Levels of Optimism: High Key concerns for Arizona manufacturers are supply line disruptions, exchange rates and tariffs for exports. These concerns lead to modest predictions of 2-5 percent growth in 2019. Demand is heigh through 2020, however additional concerns over component obsolescence and retooling costs could require investments in alternative component approvals through 2022. “It[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Nonprofit & Government

Levels of Optimism: Moderate Whether nonprofit organizations are endowed or they rely on regular donors and government funding to maintain their mission, leaders in all sectors see 2019 as a year of relative stability. This is interesting given what appeared to be an uncertain stock market at the end of 2018 as well as uncertainties[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Real Estate

Level of Optimism: High Like construction, the real estate industry anticipates a healthy wave of activity in all sectors for 2019. Slowing is anticipated late in 2020, but more likely in 2021. This is good news after several years of relatively flat growth. Office and industrial vacancy rates, for example, are decreasing and leasing rates[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2018: Real Estate

The 2018 CFO Spotlight Survey attracted respondents from a number of industries in Phoenix and Tucson. We will highlight the real estate segment here in terms of growth, risk factors, strengths and trends. Real estate investment and management groups primarily responded to the Survey — two-thirds based in Tucson and one-third based in Phoenix. Optimism[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2018: Not-for-Profit & Government

The 2018 Arizona CFO Spotlight Survey attracted respondents from a number of industries in Phoenix and Tucson. We will highlight the not-for-profit & government segment here in terms of growth, risk factors, strengths and trends. A variety of community outreach, research, academic, associations and charitable organizations responded to the CFO Spotlight Survey for the third[ … ]