The “manufacturers’ deduction” isn’t just for manufacturers

The Section 199 deduction is intended to encourage domestic manufacturing. In fact, it’s often referred to as the “manufacturers’ deduction.” But this potentially valuable tax break can be used by many other types of businesses besides manufacturing companies. Sec. 199 deduction 101 The Sec. 199 deduction, also called the “domestic production activities deduction,” is 9%[ … ]

Section 166 Deduction: What You Need to Know About Business Bad Debts

Abstract: When customers can’t pay up, it may be possible to deduct these bad debts under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 166. But it’s important to understand what counts as partially or wholly worthless bad debt and how to claim the deduction. This article describes the different types of business bad debt and how the[ … ]

New EPA Rules May Mean Higher Fuel Costs

Abstract: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has moved to reduce sulfur levels in the air by upping emissions and gasoline standards. But the American Petroleum Institute and other trade associations argue that the regulators are vastly underestimating how expensive the new rules will be for businesses and consumers, while doing little to help the environment.[ … ]

Control Costs with Defined Contribution Health Care Plans

Control costs with defined-contribution health care plans Rapidly rising health care costs and new federal insurance requirements may leave many managers scratching their heads at how to obtain quality insurance products at a reasonable cost. New defined-contribution insurance plans provide more coverage choices for employees, while setting fixed costs for employers. These insurance plans, much[ … ]

Illuminate Ways to Reduce Utility Bills with a Lighting Upgrade

Abstract: Manufacturers who have been considering upgrading their plant’s T12 fluorescent lights need to act soon. The U.S. Department of Energy pulled the plug last year on production of most T12 bulbs and ballasts — the most widely used fluorescent unit for the past 60 years. Another option is to invest in newer, energy-efficient T5[ … ]