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TaxCaddy Guide

Tax Time Simplified

BeachFleischman is pleased to offer TaxCaddy. TaxCaddy is the only electronic system that makes gathering tax documents and sharing them with your BeachFleischman tax professional a breeze.

Benefits of Using TaxCaddy

  • TaxCaddy is not BeachFleischman’s portal. Your TaxCaddy account is yours to keep, forever. You decide who to share your information with.
  • TaxCaddy retrieves your prior year information so you know what to upload for the current tax year. No more paper organizers.
  • Respond to a document request on your office PC or use the mobile app to ask your BeachFleischman tax professional a question while you’re waiting to board your flight. View and approve your tax return electronically on your tablet from the comfort of your sofa. TaxCaddy enables you to collaborate, share and communicate with your BeachFleischman tax professional from anywhere, on any device.
  • Link TaxCaddy to over 300 service providers to automatically fetch documents like W-2s, 1099s and 1098s. TaxCaddy can be set-up to retrieve your documents for you. Read about Smart Links.
  • Use the TaxCaddy mobile app to upload or snap photos of your tax documents year-round and store them with bank vault security. Categorize them on the spot then shred the paper. (Download TaxCaddy for iPhone on the App Store or for Android on Google Play.)
  • TaxCaddy is another way to go green, no more ink, postage or paper. It’s good for the planet which makes it great for you and future generations to come.
  • With TaxCaddy you can access your tax documents anytime. It’s easy to use and a huge time saver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which internet browsers work with TaxCaddy?

TaxCaddy works best on Google Chrome, but it is also supported on Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. TaxCaddy is not supported on Internet Explorer.

How do I get the TaxCaddy mobile app and do I need it?

While you do not need the TaxCaddy app, it is a great companion. Using the app, you can photograph paper documents and upload them as you receive them. You can also message your tax professional while on the go. Use the links below for help downloading the app.
Download TaxCaddy for iPhone | Download TaxCaddy for Android

Can I allow my spouse to access my account?

You have the option to invite your spouse, or someone else assisting with your tax documents, to be an additional user on your TaxCaddy account. Additional users can upload documents and view tax documents you upload. You can revoke an additional user’s access at any time. Learn more.

How do I let my tax professional know that I am done uploading my tax documents?

It is extremely important to let your tax professional know when you are done uploading your tax documents. For information about how to do that, click here.

What are the security details for Smart Links?

For more information about the security of Smart Links, please click here.

For more information, visit or visit their Help Center.