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You have a new partner in cybersecurity. BeachFleischman is proud to stand with Silent Sector, pairing an industry-leading team with a wide array of resources to bring enterprise-level security to mid-market and emerging businesses.

By partnering with us, you’ll have opportunities to collaborate with experienced information security professionals who will leverage your existing technologies to the fullest, provide guidance for future improvements, and strengthen your defenses with the industry’s best practices.


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Gain clarity about your current needs and develop a roadmap to secure your organization.



Build a formal cyber risk management program with unrivaled expertise and hands-on support.


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Prepare your team with the confidence of a true defense-in-depth security posture.


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Leverage your competitive edge to achieve business goals and exceed compliance requirements.

People-powered cybersecurity

Software isn’t the answer to cybersecurity–human expertise is. Whether your company needs to bolster its existing efforts or start from scratch with a custom solution that doesn’t require a full-time cybersecurity staff, putting the right protections in place is what we do best.

Contact us to see how our people-driven approach can implement a cybersecurity solution that’s right for you and your business.

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