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Architecture & Engineering Firms

Concentrate on your craft. We’ll do the rest.

Architects and engineers are fundamental to creating structurally sound buildings that meet the needs of occupants and don’t negatively impact the environment. But running a successful architectural or engineering firm requires much more than drafting and executing building plans. You must keep a close eye on cash flow, maintain compliance with reporting requirements, prepare for – and pay – all necessary taxes, and run an efficient business.

Are you taking advantage of all the tax credits and incentives available for energy-efficient construction? Can your overhead rate be improved to qualify for more governmental projects? Have you benchmarked your utilization rate, and is it where it should be? And have you created a transition plan so others can pick up and carry on with your firm when you scale back and eventually retire? The experienced professionals at BeachFleischman have helped A&E firms of all sizes create sound financial statements, minimize their tax burden, manage resources, and plan for the future, We can do the same for your firm too.

Are you ready to partner with a knowledgeable team that can help tailor a structurally sound financial plan that will stand the test of time? Let BeachFleischman help.

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