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Unlike most businesses, and even most other professional service providers, staying on top of law firm finances is complicated. Attorneys must adhere to strict financial and tax regulations that only apply to those in the legal industry. While lawyers spend their days looking out for the best interests of their clients, it is important to have a team that understands the nuances of law firm accounting on your bench, keeping a close eye on the firm’s monthly finances, tax obligations, and profitability.

Are you managing your trust account properly? Are your partner distributions allotted as they should be and with tax minimization in mind? Is your current accounting method negatively impacting cash flow and forcing you to depend on a large line of credit? At BeachFleischman, our professionals stay informed about the intricacies of law firm accounting and provide each client with services customized for their specific situation. Whether your firm needs help getting set up correctly from the start, wants input on how to structure its partner compensation, is curious how its pricing compares to other firms, needs financial expertise as it enters a merger, or scores of other issues, we can help.

Are you ready to partner with a team of professionals that will advise and advocate for your law firm? Let BeachFleischman help.

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