Preparation of Exempt Organization Annual Tax Returns

Now more than ever, nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations face intense pressure to comply with ever-changing tax rules and regulations.  We assist you with more than just filing your annual Form 990, we help you prepare for the process.

The return provides information on your organization’s mission, programs, and finances. Focused on governance and compliance, it’s our job to make the process efficient and stress-free. We tailor our information requests to your organization, saving you time.

Specialized Industry Expertise

Industries we serve:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations
  • Museums
  • Business Leagues and Trade Associations
  • Country Clubs and Social Clubs
  • Educational and Research Foundations
  • Public Charities
  • Private Foundations

Your audience is not only your Board of Directors and the IRS. Potential donors and the press can also have access to your 990. Just think – your tax return and your organization’s financial information could be on the front page of your local newspaper. Using a collaborative process, we help present your organization in the best light possible.

Our tax professionals at BeachFleischman take the time to talk with your staff and Board of Directors, to make sure everyone is up to speed with the form’s requirements and its implications.

We believe Form 990 is not only a tax compliance form, but it’s also an important educational tool to illustrate to the public what your organization has accomplished and the benefits you provide.

Contact our Exempt Tax Team

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