BeachFleischman holds Community Impact Day

BeachFleischman’s first Community Impact Day took place on Tuesday, December 10th! Community impact is one of our core values, and we were excited at this opportunity to expand the impact we have on our cities. Staff from BeachFleischman and Pinnacle Plan Design partnered with United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona in Tucson as well as Valley of the Sun United Way in Phoenix and enjoyed being part of some rewarding community projects.

Projects in Tucson

Community Food Bank Support

We sorted food and assembled food bags in the Community Food Bank warehouse.

“I would have liked to commit more time … it felt like once we got started it was already time to wrap it up.”

Sean Thomas

“Putting all the food bags together was a great team effort. I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of it.”

Emma Uriarte

Making Early Literacy Kits

We put together literacy kits that will be used to provide children with tools to help them build literacy skills. Kits included flashcards and encouragement cards to motivate the students.

“I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but coloring and creating gift bags for children was amazing.”

Joelle Gordian

School and Neighborhood Cleanup

We picked up debris, cleaned the courtyard and playground areas, and painted some walls and equipment.

“I love investing in our community in new and different ways, though I struggle to come up with ways that I can be helpful. Working on the landscaping at the school was a great solution to this dilemma; though I might not be the best at yard work, I could make up for that with enthusiasm!”

Cheryl Hutchins

Project in Phoenix

Urban Farm Cleanup

The Phoenix office helped a local 501c3 organization called Orchard Learning Center. It’s an urban farm and community education center that advocates for environmental responsibility, sustainable living, urban farming and the reduction of poverty. Our team spent the afternoon pruning & cleaning citrus grove, leveling & spreading compost in cactus garden, spreading mulch, and planting prickly pears.

Happy Hour

We wrapped up the day at Culinary Dropout in Tucson for some well-deserved refreshments.

Eric Majchrzak
Eric Majchrzak

Eric Majchrzak is CEO and a Principal of BeachFleischman. He joined BeachFleischman in 2012 and is responsible for the firm’s overall strategic direction while ensuring the mission, vision, and values are met.