BeachFleischman Announces 2022 Promotions

Staff Promotions

Manager to Senior Manager

  • Erna Dubravic (Audit)
  • Kristin McCoy (Audit)
  • Scott Zbonack (Internal Operations)

Manager to Senior Manager (Director of Marketing)

  • Heather Murray (Internal Operations)

Supervisor to Manager

  • Gina Khawam (Tax)
  • Jenifer Naughton (Internal Operations)
  • David Walters (Tax)

Senior to Supervisor

  • Aaron Cornman (SOAR)
  • Diana Garcia (Audit)
  • Ashlea Perron (Tax)
  • Daniel Rowe (Tax)

Associate to Senior

  • Hannah Carter (Audit)
  • Lucia Couto (Tax)
  • Robert DeVries (Tax)
  • Christina DeWolf (Audit)
  • Christina Gunter (Tax)
  • Koree Hamilton (Tax)
  • Kirsten Jacobsen (Tax)
  • Liyan Tooker (Tax)

Heather Murray
Heather Murray

Heather Murray is Director of Marketing and senior manager for BeachFleischman. She has over 20 years of client relations and marketing experience in the service industries.