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BeachFleischman Announces 2022 Promotions

Staff Promotions

Manager to Senior Manager

  • Erna Dubravic (Audit)
  • Kristin McCoy (Audit)
  • Scott Zbonack (Internal Operations)

Manager to Senior Manager (Director of Marketing)

  • Heather Murray (Internal Operations)

Supervisor to Manager

  • Gina Khawam (Tax)
  • Jenifer Naughton (Internal Operations)
  • David Walters (Tax)

Senior to Supervisor

  • Aaron Cornman (SOAR)
  • Diana Garcia (Audit)
  • Ashlea Perron (Tax)
  • Daniel Rowe (Tax)

Associate to Senior

  • Hannah Carter (Audit)
  • Lucia Couto (Tax)
  • Robert DeVries (Tax)
  • Christina DeWolf (Audit)
  • Christina Gunter (Tax)
  • Koree Hamilton (Tax)
  • Kirsten Jacobsen (Tax)
  • Liyan Tooker (Tax)

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