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The 2018 Arizona CFO Spotlight Survey will explore the level of optimism among CFOs in a variety of industries as well as activities around risk management and emerging trends that may impact how you operate and grow your Arizona business/organization. From environmental and employee benefits concerns to how millennials and data security are shaping business strategy, the survey includes timely topics vetted by business advisors and CFOs like you. You will not have to submit complicated financial data in order to participate! This is an issue-driven survey.

Some of the topics addressed in the survey include:

  • Arizona business climate

  • Disruptive technologies

  • Optimism for growth

  • Millenials

  • Regulation

  • Environment

  • Access to capital

  • Cybersecurity

  • Hiring/labor

  • Cross-border

  • Risk management

  • Healthcare

All individual survey respondents will remain confidential in our findings, and we will provide each respondent with a copy of the final report as our thanks for participating. Survey results will be published in January 2018.

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This survey is conducted confidentially and individual results are not shared, only summarized by the percentage of respondents. It is not meant as a scientific representation of actual market trends or numbers.