Ken Abrahams

special event speaker

Energize your Enterprise for Profit and Growth

Ken Abrahams is a Principal in Cadre Partners, providing advisory services and equity capital to growth stage operating businesses in the Southwest region.  He has been an owner, principal and founder of multiple business enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures in his 35 years of business activity in Arizona and the Southwest region. He is a founding partner of one of Arizona’s largest diversified investment firms which involved over 70 business enterprises and business projects.

Mr. Abrahams was previously Executive Vice President for Diamond Ventures, Inc., Vice President for HSL Properties, and the founder of Team Once, Inc., and Lifezones Corporation. He received both his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Masters of Science in Renewable Resource Planning at the University of Arizona. Mr. Abrahams is on the board of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council, Community Finance Corporation, as well as other organizations.