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BeachFleischman Cybersecurity, powered by Silent Sector, provides cybersecurity assessments and penetration testing services to mid-market and emerging companies throughout Phoenix, Tucson (AZ), and nationwide.

We administer cyber risk assessments and penetration tests to determine your organization’s current risk state.

  • Enterprise Cyber Risk Assessment
    Our Cyber Risk Assessment (ECRA) provides a precise analysis of your current risk. With an ECRA, you’ll have the foundation for the development of an effective cybersecurity posture. The ECRA prioritizes how vulnerabilities are handled and provides risk-mitigating recommendations. It is a combination of the services listed below, optimized to fit your organization. The ECRA can be aligned with common frameworks such as NIST SP 800-53, NIST SP 800-171, and CIS Controls.
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
    Cybercriminals often compromise websites and public-facing applications. Our Web Application Penetration Tests evaluate risks to exposed websites and applications. The testing creates an understanding of the current security posture and a foundation for informed decision-making.
  • Network Penetration Testing
    A cyber-criminal uses specific knowledge, tools, and avenues to exploit your company’s vulnerabilities. The Silent Sector team comprehends these methods and applies them to identify internal and external weaknesses.
  • Human Element Penetration Testing
    The most expeditious way for cyber-criminals to access sensitive information and systems is by exploiting people. We assess your team’s threat awareness via email, phone, and in-person tests and build a foundation for training to protect them in the workplace, as well as their personal lives.
  • Vulnerability Scanning as a Service
    We examine and understand real risk where an attacker can gain access to  vital infrastructure and data. We provide recommendations and support to improve applications and infrastructure without issues with day-to-day operations.
  • Financial Risk Exposure Overlay for Your Risk Assessment
    We install a Financial Insight Overlay to analyze the financial impact of the cybersecurity risks and how much these vulnerabilities are costing you.
  • Darkweb Exposure Research and Report
    We provide you with an assessment detailing emerging malicious cyber threats on the deep web and darknet applicable to your company.  We will help you prioritize vulnerabilities based on current threats and determine whether your confidential information is exposed. Learn what your data is worth to cybercriminals and discover threats specifically in your technologies or company.

We have an assessment or test to meet your needs, whether your organization needs to know your critical systems’ exposure, harden a web application, or understand how each vulnerability equates to dollars at risk.

Not testing and assessing an organization’s cybersecurity could leave you vulnerable to costly breaches of your most essential data and devices. We determine how vulnerable you are to hackers and what could happen if your data fell into the wrong hands. Knowing what your vulnerabilities are will help you improve your cybersecurity, saving the organization from loss of data, resources, and brand credibility.

Cybersecurity compliance requirements

Our cyber risk assessments and penetration tests support industry-standard cybersecurity frameworks and compliance requirements such as NIST, CIS Controls, CMMC, SOC 2, HIPAA, and more. A professional assessment can appraise a situation to set future direction, demonstrate a way to achieve a goal, and determine if the organization’s practices align with industry best practices. We help locate weaknesses and vulnerabilities so that corrective measures can be taken to properly manage risk. Tests and assessments can be performed internally by staff, but the results hold a higher level of credibility when done by an independent, credentialed 3rd party.

We serve mid-market and emerging companies ranging from 12 to 4,000 employees. We specialize in organizations with a SaaS delivery model within the healthcare, B2B technology and software, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense industries.

Our team members are a credentialed group of experts who become part of your team. Our certifications include CISSP, CRISC, CEH, CPT, PCI-P, CCNP +S, ITILV3, MCSE 1998, OSCP, CCIP, Security+, Network+, and more.

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BeachFleischman provides cybersecurity assessments and testing to companies in Phoenix, Tucson, and across Arizona. If you are interested in learning how we can assist your organization, complete the form below and we will follow up shortly.

Disclaimer: BeachFleischman PLLC and Silent Sector, LLC are separate independent legal entities and are not joint ventures, partners or members of a formal business organization. Neither BeachFleischman PLLC nor Silent Sector, LLC has the authority to bind, act for or incur liability on behalf of the other.