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Outsourced Cybersecurity Services

Companies that do not employ dedicated cybersecurity staff are frequent targets of cyber-criminals. Without a comprehensive, advanced cybersecurity plan, your company is dangerously vulnerable. Potential breaches can destroy customer confidence, your company’s credibility, and your legal compliance.

BeachFleischman Cybersecurity, powered by Silent Sector, serves mid-market and emerging companies ranging from 12 to 4,000 employees. We specialize in organizations with a SaaS delivery model within the healthcare, B2B technology and software, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense industries.

Threats and Outsourced Cybersecurity

Through our Cyber IMPACT Solution™ cybersecurity program, we address your cybersecurity strategies, implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures, and manage ongoing compliance for your company. This service addresses the cybersecurity needs of organizations that don’t need or can’t support a full cybersecurity staff. Our consultants will function as your CISO, Security Engineer, and Security Architect. You can rest assured knowing that your company is protected from cybersecurity threats, including:

  • Identifying current vulnerabilities
  • Developing a comprehensive security plan
  • Creating documentation of plan and processes
  • Cybersecurity training for staff
  • Specialized training for in-house IT professionals
  • Support with customer messaging
  • Hiring vetted cybersecurity staff as your organization grows

These measures will not only ensure that your company is fully protected from cybersecurity threats, but we will help to reinforce your credibility and confidence with your customers.

Protecting your business from cyber-threats

The Cyber IMPACT Solution™ provides you access to our experienced team members without the cost of hiring a full-time cybersecurity professional. We can develop a cybersecurity plan tailored to meet the security needs of your business.

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