During marital dissolution and business disputes, litigation issues including, but not limited to, allegations of mismanagement or misappropriation of assets may result in the court appointment of a Receiver or Special Master. Our multi-disciplinary professionals have extensive accounting, audit and operational experience in numerous industries and have been appointed as Receiver and Special Master in numerous cases involving marital dissolution, fraud, bankruptcy, restructuring and turnaround engagements.

As a neutral third party, our professionals are granted certain powers by the Court depending on the specific issues involved in the case.  For instance, the appointment of a Receiver is an “equitable” remedy that allows the Court to protect and preserve assets while parties are in legal dispute. 

Court Appointment services and experience include these core areas:

  • Bankruptcy Examiner
  • Chapter 11 Trustee
  • Compliance Monitor
  • Federally-Authorized Tax Practitioner in Marital Dispute
  • Liquidating Agent/Trustee
  • Operating Company Receiverships
  • Special Master
  • Successor Trustee in Probate Disputes

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