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    Taking a Proactive Approach to Fraud

    What is your business worth to you? The answer to that question is often much more complex than a number. There’s the time, dedication and hard work that you’ve undoubtedly expended toward building your company. Though, monetary value may not be the only measurement you use to quantify your success, there may be others within[ … ]

    Josephine Giordano to speak at the National Cannabis Business Symposium

    Josephine Giordano, a Director in BeachFleischman’s Financial Forensics and Business Valuation Services Group, will be giving two presentations at the National Cannabis Business Symposium on October 26-27. She will present on the topics of “Dealing with Disruption After COVID-19” and an “Arizona Update: Growth on the Horizon.” Ms. Giordano is the Chairperson of the Arizona[ … ]

    Distressed Businesses: Overcoming Obstacles in the Road to Recovery

    The Arizona economy and our local businesses are suffering significant distress in these uncertain times. A business’ going concern premise is compromised as growth and cashflows decline and risk increases. Financial distress is a condition in which a company or individual cannot generate revenue or income resulting in challenges in paying its financial obligations. This[ … ]

    Valuation in the time of Coronavirus

    #Socialdistancing! What a year it has been! We were all prepared for March madness, but nobody could have guessed that less than three months into the year, /#socialdistancing would be a trending buzzword and our collective reality. The current situation is a social experiment like no other and we are facing a level of uncertainty[ … ]


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