BeachFleischman, through our subsidiary company, Pinnacle Plan Design (Third Party Administrator), offers pension plan design and administration services to businesses throughout Phoenix, Tucson, and  Arizona (AZ) as well as throughout the United States.  What are your goals in establishing a qualified retirement plan? … Tax Savings? … Wealth Accumulation? … Employee Retention? We will help you to meet your objectives.

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  • Employer Sponsored Qualified Retirement Plan Design and Consulting
  • Retirement Plan Administration and Plan Compliance
  • Retirement Plan Document Preparation and Maintenance
  • Actuarial Consulting for Defined Benefit Plans

Retirement Plan Design

Retirement plan design may vary dramatically based upon workforce demographics, tax objectives, owner’s retirement requirements, and desired flexibility. Our team of actuaries and credentialed retirement plan experts are uniquely qualified to help you successfully navigate complex federal regulations and obtain maximum benefits for you and your stakeholders. We recognize the importance of tailoring retirement plans to the specific goals of the people the plan is meant to serve. Our recognized technical expertise and individualized service will customize your retirement plan to suit your needs. Our plan design specialists take into consideration many factors, including but not limited to, your workforce demographics, tax objectives, owner retirement goals, and plan flexibility to ensure you are making informed and advantageous retirement plan decisions. Whether you desire a defined benefit plan, defined contribution plan, or both, we will work with you to design a plan that fits not only your individual needs, but the unique needs of your entire organization.

Retirement Plan Implementation & Administration

After a plan is designed, we will assist with plan implementation to ensure a smooth transition. Our team is aware of the time involved in administering a plan. Therefore, we not only assist in many of the day-to-day operational tasks, but also provide the assistance and guidance needed to keep your retirement plan compliant with government regulations.

Contact our Pension Plan Design and Administration Consultants

BeachFleischman CPAs has offices in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona (AZ) and can serve companies throughout the U.S. with their Pension Plan Design and Administration needs. Whether you are interested in a 401(k) plan, profit sharing plan, money purchase plan, cash balance, or traditional defined benefit plan, our team of experts is here to personally assist and guide you through the process from retirement plan design to administration. Our team of professionals has delivered personalized high impact results to over 600 small and mid-sized clients across the nation. Our highly credentialed team of professionals is committed to providing you outstanding client service in the areas of retirement plan design and administration so you can focus your efforts on your core business. If you would like to learn more about our qualified retirement plan services or if you have any other questions, please contact us via the submission form below for a prompt response.