New Public-Private Partnership Formed To Develop Historic Downtown Glendale

A new public-private partnership in Glendale aims to help the city get reacquainted with its downtown in the short-term, and give merchants a common voice in the long-term. City officials and the Glendale Chamber of Commerce have agreed to a contract worth a maximum of about $611,000. Now the chamber will hire a manager to[ … ]

Free Workshops Help Arizona Veterans Start, Grow Businesses

Helping military veterans succeed as business owners is the goal behind a series of seminars taking place across Arizona. The full-day workshops help veterans examine their ideas, understand their markets and evaluate the competition. It also focuses on start-up costs, financing and planning. “When I talk to people I’ll them you will learn from all[ … ]

2012 Tax Tips for Business Owners

2012 Tax Tips for Business Owners If your business is incorporated, consider taking money out of the business by way of a stock redemption if you are in the position to do so. The buy-back of the stock may yield long-term capital gain or a dividend, depending on a variety of factors. But either way, you’ll[ … ]