Contractors Turn To ‘Prefab’ Construction Amid Skilled Labor Shortage

There’s another hotel sprouting up in downtown Phoenix. As the urban core fills in, construction crews have less room to work. It’s just one of the reasons many contractors are turning to prefabricated construction. A semi stacked with pre-made wall panels enters the site at First and Polk streets as Project Engineer Zeke Delgadillo looks[ … ]

Arizona Contractor Transaction Privilege Tax Reform – Final Legislation

Prime Contracting VS MRRA – Definitions and Tax Treatment SB 1446 updates the definitions of Modification and statutorily defines Alteration and Replacement. Modification no longer includes improvement, movement, MRRA (maintenance, repair, replacement, alteration) activities or related mobilization, demobilization, wreckage and demolition. Modification now includes all construction, grading, leveling, wreckage and demolition specifically not MRRA. Alteration[ … ]