Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Construction

Construction leaders interviewed for this report anticipated revenue growth of 10 – 25 percent, which compares more conservatively to estimates in 2018. They indicated that fees are also up by 3 – 4 percent. Construction backlogs remain high and hover around nine months, with Phoenix cited as a high-growth area nationally for construction. Backlogs in[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Financial & Professional

BOK Financial completed its acquisition of CoBiz Financial, Inc. in late 2018, essentially creating a major footprint to expand financial services market share in both Arizona and Colorado. CFOs are taking on more duties in technology, human resources and operations (beyond traditional financial roles) in order to understand key performance indicators and the firm’s unique[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Healthcare

There are signs of increasing mergers and alliances between health care providers that, when successful, allow for more negotiating power with payers and more diverse, ancillary services. According to health care M&A consultancy Irving Levin Associates, 2018 saw a record number of publicly announced transactions, primarily in skilled nursing and senior housing properties. Deal value,[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: High-Tech

Leaders say that growth areas are in cyber and data security (including managed services) as well as SaaS (Software as a Service) rather than in actual software. Cloud and subscription-based services are taking the lead as well as Internet of Things, data collection and connectivity innovations. Recently, stratospheric technology company, World View named a new[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Hospitality & Restaurant

Hotel and restaurant remodeling and upgrades have been in full swing since 2017. However, costs are rising for supplies, advertising and personnel, with some leaders reporting a 5 percent average impact on wage costs to keep key employees. They say that employees may jump to another hospitality competitor or leave the industry entirely for better-perceived[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Manufacturing

More than economic shifts, manufacturing leaders with government contracts note that government regulations inpact business–for better or for worse. For example, changes in safety regulations or competitive technologies create a cascade of product and process changes. Concerns about more automation or investing in artificial intelligence appear to be a future concern, but leaders say they[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Nonprofit & Government

What is different is nonprofit leaders’ approach to their administration and missions. Boots on the ground organizations have invested in brand perception positioning as well as administrative tools, intended to enhance their reputations and reduce overhead costs. For example, nonprofits are going paperless and equipping field representatives with tablets to communicate and report more easily.[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2019-2020: Real Estate

Demand for affordable and workforce housing in urban areas is expected to increase the average height of buildings in some western urban centers, including Phoenix. The Phoenix City Council approved a measure for downtown residential developers to receive either a tax break or an allowance to build taller structures if a percentage of apartment units[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2018: Real Estate

The 2018 CFO Spotlight Survey attracted respondents from a number of industries in Phoenix and Tucson. We will highlight the real estate segment here in terms of growth, risk factors, strengths and trends. Real estate investment and management groups primarily responded to the Survey — two-thirds based in Tucson and one-third based in Phoenix. Optimism[ … ]

Industry Outlook 2018: Not-for-Profit & Government

The 2018 Arizona CFO Spotlight Survey attracted respondents from a number of industries in Phoenix and Tucson. We will highlight the not-for-profit & government segment here in terms of growth, risk factors, strengths and trends. A variety of community outreach, research, academic, associations and charitable organizations responded to the CFO Spotlight Survey for the third[ … ]