Does Modern Technology Actually Make Our Lives More Efficient?

Conventional wisdom is technology can make us more efficient. Dishwashers save us time in front of the sink and algorithms can help us quickly find a compatible mate and help employers weed out unqualified applicants. But our next guest isn’t so sure that the latest and greatest tech is making us more efficient. Edward Tenner[ … ]

Performance Metrics That Will Improve Productivity

Crafting Understandable Performance Metrics Is The Key Performance metrics that simple and easy to understand by everyone is the foundation for success to productivity improvement. All too often, performance metrics and other key performance indicators are based on monetary targets. Monetary targets that may be meaningful to managers, executives and Board members, but not by[ … ]

Increasing Productivity Requires A Continuous Improvement Mindset

Measuring the “The Right Stuff” Makes Improved Productivity Visible The Challenge Countless businesses strive to create and maintain a culture of continuous improvement. The idea is whatever happened yesterday isn’t good enough for tomorrow. Tomorrow is an opportunity to do it even better. Better tomorrows require organizations to be more productive every day – and[ … ]