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Is the IRS a hot mess right now?

Erin Collins, the national taxpayer advocate, wrote in a recent report that during the 2021 filing season, the IRS received 167 million telephone calls — over four times the number during the 2019 filing season. “IRS employees could not keep pace with this massive volume of calls, resulting in the poorest service ever,” she said. On the 1040 line, the most frequently called toll-free IRS number, only 3 percent of 85 million calls from taxpayers reached a phone assister.

Have you tried to call the IRS, sitting for hours on hold just to receive a “courtesy hang up,” or never even got the chance to sit on hold? Are you trying to figure out when your refund will be sent or if the IRS has even processed your return? Fortunately, the IRS does have a working solution for taxpayers!

You can check on your refund, your filed tax return status, and even get tax transcripts and other important tax information online at

This information can be very useful if you have received a notice from the IRS and need to verify information or need copies of tax documents. You can also see your records of Economic Impact Payments and/or Advance Child Tax Credit payments received.

Follow these easy steps to:

  1. Set up your IRS account
  2. Access your tax transcripts
  3. Find your EIP #3 payment
  4. Find your Advance Child Tax Credit payments

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