Cost Segregation Calculator

A cost segregation study is a viable means of increasing cash flow through accelerated depreciation of commercial real estate. Try our cost segregation calculator to find out how you can create larger tax deductions and significant cash flow in the form of tax savings.

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Commercial real estate owners: Accelerate your tax deductions and increase cash flow

How can a cost segregation study lower my taxes?


Any accounting, business, or tax information/data contained in this calculator, including estimates, projections, tax savings, or reports, is not intended as “advice,” nor an in-depth analysis of your specific business/tax issues. The calculator results are not a substitute for a formal cost segregation study, nor should it be used as the basis to avoid tax-related penalties. Likewise, the cost segregation calculator results are not intended to be used to prepare tax returns. Estimated tax savings are based on the maximum marginal Federal and Arizona tax rates. Please consult your accountant or advisor.