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Tax Consulting & Projections

Advice built on trust.

Surprise! If you hear this related to a birthday party, an unexpected bonus, or a winning lottery ticket, you are having a great day. However, if you hear about what you owe the IRS this year, it can be quite sobering.

Are you paying enough in quarterly estimated taxes to avoid penalties at tax time? Do you know that forgiven debt is potentially taxable? Are your remote employees creating nexus in other states, which may require you to pay taxes to additional states? Do you meet the requirements to take the home office deduction as you have planned?

With tax laws changing all the time, what may have worked in previous years could come back to bite you now. That is why it is important to partner with knowledgeable tax experts year-round who can help you make smart business decisions and accurately project your tax liability year after year. In most cases, performing tax projections is just one part – albeit an important one – of a larger strategy for the businesses we serve in a variety of industries. By taking a long-term, consultative approach with BeachFleischman, you can avoid being blindsided when your taxes are due.

Would you like to work with an astute team of tax professionals that can help you understand what you owe, offer advice on how to reduce the taxes you pay, and create a strategy that always keeps your business goals in mind? Let BeachFleischman help.

Services we offer
  • Achieving the financial goals of your company and/or investors
  • Merging, acquiring, or disposing of business assets, stock, or capital
  • Minimizing federal and state income tax liabilities
  • Navigating the complexities of estate and gift taxes
  • Planning for short and long-term cash needs of the business
  • Planning to eliminate underpayment or late payment penalties and interest associated with untimely tax payments
  • Preventing the unpleasant surprise of unexpected tax liabilities
  • Transitioning key business employees and owners from your company


Partner with our tax services team!

BeachFleischman’s tax team will work closely with you to create tax projections so you remain competitive and compliant. Additionally, you can rely on our accounting, assurance, and comprehensive advisory services to meet your current and future needs.

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