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Virtual CISO Services – Providence (RI)

Businesses in Providence and across Rhode Island face increased data and security threats. The number of major data breaches reported in 2021 alone (1,291) has far eclipsed those reported in 2020. Of course, this number includes only those reported incidents leaving the actual number much higher. Unfortunately, any business that stores, processes, maintains, or transmits personally identifiable information (PII) is at risk. To counteract the risk of a costly data breach, it is critical to develop, implement, and regularly update data and system protection tactics. Some elect to hire a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to manage the process. However, this solution may not be viable due to the expense and other resource constraints. For many businesses, the best course of action is to engage the services of a Virtual CISO.

A Virtual CISO provides Providence businesses with expert guidance and support to protect systems and data. This often includes ensuring an appropriate level of network and cloud security, ongoing testing, and vulnerability scans, developing policies and procedures, aligning with industry and compliance requirements, preparing incident response plans, and other proven practices to minimize the risk of a cyber-attack.

Rhode Island vCISO Experience

BeachFleischman Cybersecurity, powered by Silent Sector, provides Virtual CISO services to businesses in Providence and throughout Rhode Island. Our team has been enhancing the security of customer technologies for years, reducing the potential for unwelcome and costly data breaches. We have the technical knowledge and experience to provide insights, practical action steps, and proactive plans necessary to prevent and manage unwanted incidents. The result is peace of mind knowing your company is protected and prepared.

Rhode Island Virtual CISO Services
  • Compliance Support: Align with Compliance Requirements
  • Cyber Risk Assessment: Identify and Reduce Current Vulnerabilities
  • Cyber Risk Management: Implement a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Program
  • Governance: Develop Policy and Procedure Documentation
  • Awareness: Cybersecurity Training for Staff
  • Team Development: Specialized Training and Guidance for In-house IT Professionals

National Reach

We can deliver Virtual CISO services across the U.S. including Los Angeles (CA), Denver (CO), Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Boise (ID), Boston (MA), Baltimore (MD), Detroit (MI), New York (NY), and Charleston (SC).

Certified Experts

Contact Our Rhode Island Cybersecurity Team

BeachFleischman provides virtual CISO and other cybersecurity services to companies in Providence and across Rhode Island. If you are interested in learning how BeachFleischman can assist your organization with vCISO services, please complete the form below, and we will follow up with you shortly.